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Update on Measure E: Fall Quarter 2006

This quarter we will be welcoming students to classes in the four new multi-media classrooms in the Administration Building and back to the renovated classrooms and labs in the S5 and E3 buildings. Construction work is continuing on the Campus Entries and Planetarium Projects with work on two new renovation projects, Campus Center and Forum, commencing this fall. The design process is continuing on the Performance Hall project, which is a 20,000 sq. ft. facility incorporating the new home for the Euphrat Museum of Art and a 400-seat classroom/performance hall.


Projects Completed Through September 2006

  • A Quad (Phase I) A5 & A7 Renovation: Completed fall quarter 2002. This was a $1.2 million project.
  • A Quad (Phase II) all except A5, A7, A8 & A9: This was a $2.5 million project.
  • A Quad (Phase III) A9: Major renovations to the four classrooms are complete. The Euphrat is still located in A9 until the Performance Hall is completed. This was a $1.5 million project. A8: This project included upgrades to the electrical and lighting systems. The project budget was $250,000.
  • Athletics Fields & Tennis Courts: These areas were completed during summer 2005. The budget was $3 million.
  • Athletic Fields Barrier Netting: This project included three netting barriers. Two barriers are between the baseball/softball fields and the Kirsch Center and the third is between the tennis courts and the fields.
  • Boilers: Completed in June 2002.
  • Child Development Center (Landscaping): Phase I & II. Phase I was completed in September 2003 and phase II was completed in January 2005.
  • Child Development Center (New Addition): Completed in the summer of 2002. This was a 11,500 sq. ft. $5 million project.
  • Child Development Center (Renovation of Old Building – Wing A): This was the first phase of the two-phase renovation of the old Child Development Center building. Renovations were completed in winter 2003.
  • Child Development Center (Renovation of Old Building – Wing B): This was phase II of the renovation of the old Child Development Center building. Renovations were completed in July 2003.
  • Child Development Center – New playground funded by the Packard Foundation.
  • California History Center: Repainting of the exterior and repair of the balustrades at the west and east ends of the sunken garden. This project was completed in June 2006.
  • E2: Completed fall quarter 2002 at a cost of $820,000.
  • E3: Completed summer 2006 as a part of the S-Quad project.
  • Faculty Office Renovation Project: Completed in the spring of 2002. It was a $1.5 million project.
  • Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies: The Kirsch Center was on-line in fall quarter 2005. This was an $11 million project.
  • L Quad - L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L8 and MCC Renovation: These were all complete by July 2003 at a cost of $4.3 million.
  • Lot A & B Landscape: The landscape in this area was planted over the winter 2004 at a cost of $270,000.
  • OTI Relocation: The OTI staff moved to their new site in summer 2002.
  • Parking Lot A & B Reconfiguration and Stelling Campus Entry: This project was carried out in the summer of 2003 and completed in time for fall quarter 2003. It was a$2.3 million project.
  • Parking Structure: The lower section of the parking structure opened in fall quarter 2004, with the whole structure open in winter quarter 2005. The project budget was $12.8 million.
  • PE Quad Renovations: Work was completed in this area during summer 2005. The total budget was $9 million.
  • Pool Renovation: Work was completed in March 2003. This was a $1.6 million project.
  • Restrooms: Renovations to S2, S6, L5 and the Athletic Field restrooms took place from October 2005 through May 2006 at a cost of $580,000.
  • S Quad: This was an extensive, multi-phase, renovation project. Work is now complete on all phases. The final buildings in this renovation project, S5 and E3, were completed in summer 2006. Work included upgrading classroom and labs, HVAC/electrical systems, new casework, and fixed seating.
  • S1 S8 Cross Connect: This project was completed in spring 2005.
  • Science Center: The Science Center was on-line for fall quarter 2004. This was a $21 million project, which took 23 months of construction to complete.
  • Student and Community Services Center: The Student and Community Services Center was on-line in summer 2005. This was a $15 million project.
  • Tree Relocation: Two oak trees relocated in September 2002.


Projects Under Construction

Administration Building: The renovation to the east of the building, formally Counseling, A&R and Academic Services, is complete and includes the addition of four new multimedia classrooms and a new mailroom with new faculty and staff mailboxes. The classrooms, one 45-seat, two 90-seat, and one 110-seat, are open for classes and the mailroom is open in its new location in the front of the Administration Building. The President, Vice Presidents, Academic Senate, Academic Services, Budget and Personnel, Classified Senate, College Services, Diversity Office, Facilities Coordinator, Institutional Research and Marketing departments will be moving back to into the building in October 2006. The renovations also included conference rooms, the Emergency Operations Center, new restrooms and a workroom, This is a $3.6 million project.

Campus Center: Renovations for this project include an expanded food service area as well as major mechanical upgrades. The upstairs of the building is now closed. The cafeteria, with a reduced level of food services and seating, is located in the upper level of the old bookstore together with Ian's Coffee. The Financial Aid Satellite office moved to the lower level opposite Le Café. The departments in the lower level of the campus center are scheduled to move to swing space in May 2007. The project budget is $5.1 million and primarily funded by the student body through the Campus Center Use Fee.

Campus Entries: The goal of the project is to improve traffic flow off campus as well as on-campus circulation. The new Flint roadway and the new service roadway by Student Community Services is underway. Other design features included in this project are signage, landscaping, new city sidewalks, and enhanced pedestrian lighting. The project is scheduled for completion by the beginning of 2007. This is a $2.1 million project.

Planetarium: Work on this project commenced in April 2006. The project includes upgrades to the electrical/HVAC systems and the restrooms. New seats and new finishes will be added in the lobby. The interior of the dome will also be renovated. The $1M Star projector will be installed in December 2006. This is a $1.2 million project (excluding the Star projector).

Science Center: Work on a major retrofit of the labs to upgrade HVAC systems and retrofitting of the fume-hood system will be complete by mid October 2006.


Projects in Design

E1: The E1 renovation project is budgeted at $2.1M. Selection of an architect is currently underway. Design will begin in fall quarter 2006 and is funded by a State Workforce Renovation One-Time allocation.

Forum:This project will go out to bid in October 2006. Construction begin in Winter 2007. This is a $3.1 million project.

Performance Hall: This project will go to the DSA (Department of State Architects) for review in October 2006 and is scheduled to commence construction in June 2007. The performance Hall is scheduled to open by fall quarter 2008. The demobilization of the Mod Quad buildings will be the first step of the construction process, beginning in fall quarter 2006. State Capital Outlay, Proposition 55, which passed in 2004 will augment the Measure E dollars allocated for this project. There have also been external fund raising efforts. The current budget is $12.5M


Projects Deferred to Measure C

Campus Site Lighting

Master Landscaping & Irrigation



We truly appreciate the cooperation we have seen from everyone and appreciate your continued patience as we continue our campus upgrade projects.

Budget figures and timelines are approximations and are subject to change.