Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

  1. Student Support Services

    The institution recruits and admits diverse students who are able to benefit from its programs, consistent with its mission. Student support services address the identified needs of students and enhance a supportive learning environment. The entire student pathway through the institutional experience is characterized by a concern for student access, progress, learning, and success. The institution systematically assesses student support services using student learning outcomes, faculty and staff input, and other appropriate measures in order to improve the effectiveness of these services.

    1. The institution assures the quality of student support services and demonstrates that these services, regardless of location or means of delivery, support student learning and enhance achievement of the mission of the institution.1, 2

    2. The institution provides a catalog for its constituencies with precise, accurate, and current information concerning the following:

      1. General Information
        • Official Name, Address(es), Telephone Number(s), and Web Site Address of the Institution
        • Educational Mission
        • Course, Program, and Degree Offerings
        • Academic Calendar and Program Length
        • Academic Freedom Statement
        • Available Student Financial Aid
        • Available Learning Resources
        • Names and Degrees of Administrators and Faculty
        • Names of Governing Board Members

      2. Requirements
        • Admissions
        • Student Fees and Other Financial Obligations
        • Degree, Certificates, Graduation and Transfer

      3. Major Policies Affecting Students
        • Academic Regulations, including Academic Honesty
        • Nondiscrimination
        • Acceptance of Transfer Credits
        • Grievance and Complaint Procedures
        • Sexual Harassment
        • Refund of Fees

      4. Locations or publications where other policies may be found

    1. The institution researches and identifies the learning support needs of its student population and provides appropriate services and programs to address those needs.

      1. The institution assures equitable access to all of its students by providing appropriate, comprehensive, and reliable services to students regardless of service location or delivery method.1

      2. The institution provides an environment that encourages personal and civic responsibility, as well as intellectual, aesthetic, and personal development for all of its students.

      3. The institution designs, maintains, and evaluates counseling and/or academic advising programs to support student development and success and prepares faculty and other personnel responsible for the advising function.

      4. The institution designs and maintains appropriate programs, practices, and services that support and enhance student understanding and appreciation of diversity.

      5. The institution regularly evaluates admissions and placement instruments and practices to validate their effectiveness while minimizing biases.

      6. The institution maintains student records permanently, securely, and confidentially, with provision for secure backup of all files, regardless of the form in which those files are maintained. The institution publishes and follows established policies for release of student records.

    1. The institution evaluates student support services to assure their adequacy in meeting identified student needs. Evaluation of these services provides evidence that they contribute to the achievement of student learning outcomes. The institution uses the results of these evaluations as the basis for improvement.

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