Standard III: Resources

Standard IIIA--Human Resources continued

  1. The institution demonstrates through policies and practices an appropriate understanding of and concern for issues of equity and diversity.

    1. The institution creates and maintains appropriate programs, practices, and services that support its diverse personnel.

    2. The institution regularly assesses its record in employment equity and diversity consistent with its mission.

    3. The institution subscribes to, advocates, and demonstrates integrity in the treatment of its administration, faculty, staff and students.

  2. The institution provides all personnel with appropriate opportunities for continued professional development, consistent with the institutional mission and based on identified teaching and learning needs.

    1. The institution plans professional development activities to meet the needs of its personnel.

    2. With the assistance of the participants, the institution systematically evaluates professional development programs and uses the results of these evaluations as the basis for improvement.

  3. Human resource planning is integrated with institutional planning. The institution systematically assesses the effective use of human resources and uses the results of the evaluation as the basis for improvement.

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