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For students interested in sports medicine, physical therapy and/or an allied health profession, we highly recommend the following courses.

BIOL 40A - Human Anatomy and Physiology. An introduction to the disciplines of anatomy and physiology. Basic principles of human anatomy and physiology as exemplified in the study of cell chemistry, cell biology, histology and the integumentary, skeletal and muscular systems with emphasis on homeostatic mechanisms.

BIOL 40B - Human Anatomy and Physiology. Study of the nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

BIOL 40C - Human Anatomy and Physiology. Study of the endocrine system, lymphatic system, digestive system, metabolism, urinary and reproductive systems, embryological development and classical Mendelian and modern biochemical genetics including genetic engineering.

Chem 30A - Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemisty 1. This is a two-part class to be taken in sequence by students entering allied health fields. The focus of the first part of this class is an introduction to general chemistry. This course begins with a discussion of various measurement tools. This will be followed with a discussion of energy and matter which will be followed by a discussion of the discovery of an atom. The next set of topics will cover an introduction to elements, compounds, and types of bonding in compounds followed by various types of chemical reactions and stoichiometric calculations based on chemical equations. Properties of gases and solutions will be discussed. The course concludes with a discussion of acid-base chemistry and nuclear chemistry.

KNES 46 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries. Treatment and preventative procedures in sports medicine. Emphasis on anatomical basis for recognition and evaluation of sports related injuries. Treatment focuses on immediate first aid, preventative techniques, and injury stress test and rehabilitation.


(While BIOL 40A, BIOL 40B, BIOL 40C, and CHEM 30A are typically transferable to most athletic training education programs in California, it is the student's responsibility to ensure these classes will meet the requirements of the institution to which he/she is applying. KNES 46 is typically not transferable, but may fulfill an elective requirement at De Anza College; again, it is the student's responsibility to ensure their coursework fulfills academic requirements toward their educational goals. For any questions/concerns about your coursework and/or transferability, please contact the De Anza College Counseling and Advising Center)

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