Athletic Training Volunteer Program

     Do you like athletics, medicine, and helping people succeed in physical activity? Interested in pursuing a career in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, and/or Sports Medicine? Volunteering in the De Anza College Athletic Training Room is a great way to get started! You will have the opportunity to work with more than 400 student-athletes competing in 19 different sports! Our Athletic Trainers are passionate about providing care to our student-athletes and assisting our volunteers in expanding their knowledge of athletic training and sports medicine.

Gain experience in a fast-paced environment

     Athletic training rooms are busy places and ours is no different! You'll have the opportunity to observe acute and chronic injury evaluation and management, practice and game preparation, and develop a greater understanding of orthopedic medicine as it relates to sports.

Build valuable skills to enhance your educational experience

     Our volunteership will not qualify you for a career, but it help prepare you as seek to further your education. As time allows, we'll discuss injuries and management techniques and how they relate to the competitiveness of sports. We'll also discuss your educational goals and ways to go about reaching those goals.

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