Child Development - Program Guide

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Recommended Course Sequence and Quarter Offered

The De Anza College Child Development Program is designed to allow you many options in your course selection. Classes are scheduled days, evenings, and Saturdays. Classes are held in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. There is a sequence to the course work that you should follow. You are required to take the Basic Courses, so that you are able to understand the concepts presented in the remaining courses.  See Course Catalog for course descriptions.

Basic Core Courses (to be taken within the first three quarters)              Quarter offered
  CD 10G Child Development: The Early Years Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  CD 10H Child Development:  Middle and Adolescence Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  CD 50 Foundations of Early Childhood Education Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  CD 12 Child, Family, and Community Interrelationships Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Recommended Courses Sequence (discuss with a CDE faculty advisor)
  Curriculum CD53, CD54, CD52, CD55, CD56, CD60, CD61,CD64,CD63, CD68

Every quarter CD53, CD54,CD61,CD64

Fall CD 52,CD55

Winter CD60

Spring CD52,CD56, CD63, CD68

Summer CD52,CD55,CD54,CD58, CD60

  Student Teaching

CD51** (CDC and Mentor Sites)

CD57 (Community Sites)

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer  CD51

Winter, Spring  CD57

  Specialized courses CD58*, CD72, CD90

Winter CD58

Fall CD72

Fall CD90

  Behavior and early childhood mental health CD71, CD73, CD74, CD75

Winter CD71

Fall CD75

Winter CD73

Spring CD74

  Administration and Supervision

CD67, CD59G, CD59H, CD103

CD80 for FCCH

Fall CD67

Winter CD59G

Spring CD59H

Winter CD80

  Other courses CD65, CD66, CD77, CD101, CD102, CD103 Check with Department Chair
    EDUC 01  Fall

*Take CD 58, Infant Toddler Development, prior to CD 51 when working with infants and toddlers

**Requires you take CD10G, CD54 and 2 additional curriculum courses.

Child Development and Education Chair: Mayra Cruz
Office: CD-3 36
Phone: 408.864.8215 sizeplaceholder

Last Updated: 2/3/13