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CAD Department


3D Printing, 3D Laser Scanning & Reverse Engineering

 @ De Anza in the CAD/CAM Dept.

 Fall CAD classes begin Monday Sept. 21st, 2015
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In Fall 2015 the "CAD" program will transform and be known as the Design and Manufacturing Technology Department "DMT"; encapsulating high end CAD design, CAM,  CNC & Manufacturing Technology.
DMT-Dept-Schedule-Fall 2015 pdf

New class in 2016: 3D Printing, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping: Strategies in Industry - DMT 53

What is 3-D Printing or Additive Manufacturing?

3D Printing and 3D Scanning

In late Fall of 2014 we deployed our new Stratasys FORTUS 250mc 3-D Printer and Optix EScan 3-D scanner. Questions: cad@deanza.edu

Fortus 250mc   3D Printing 

 Stratasys 3D Printers for Schools, Universities & Education info.

 Stratasys BLOG

 The Optix EScan 3-D scanner.

 Using the Escan 3D Laser Scanner - 3D Digital Corp

3D Digital Corp’s eScan  

What is a 3-D Scanner used for?

3-D Scanning 101

3D Scanner

3D Gage - Verisurf

Model Based Metrology Solution for Reverse Engineering, Inspection and Education.

3D Gage-Verisurf

Master3DGage Demonstration

Get some hands on in our SME Design and Manufacturing Club

S364 @ De Anza college. Linked In Group

Join us: Form  CAD Computer 2014


 3D Laser Scanning info. & resources             


 3D Printer info. & resources                              



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3D Gage-Verisurf

(CDI) CAD @ De Anza

Building: E35
Contact: Max J. Gilleland


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