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The Office of College Life is a key information and resource center for students, staff and community members. Among the many services we provide are the Photo ID Cards, SmartPass, DASB Senate and Club Information, approval for posting, free legal advice, and more. The Student Accounts Office is located in the Office of College Life, offering services such as discount movie passes, club and DASB accounts, and more.

The Office of College Life is located on the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center, near the Health Office.

For more information on our many services view the descriptions and/or links below.

Visit our  DASB Card website for more information.

Visit our  SmartPass website for more information.

For a quarterly $10 fee, students may park their bikes in a reserved bicycle parking space in an enclosed locked corral structure on the Stevens Creek side of the Registration & Student Services Building. Bicycle owners are still responsible for locking their bikes within the corral with their own personal locking system. De Anza College does not assume liability for lost, damaged or stolen bikes. Agreement to use the corral allows access to the locked structure and one locker, for items such as a helmet, through the expiration date. The contract may be renewed, providing space is available, the week prior to finals and during finals week of each quarter. A $5 fee will be applied for a key replacement to the bicycle corral. To sign up for Bicycle Corral Access download and fill out the Bicycle Corral Assess Agreement and submit the form in person to the Office of College Life.

Visit our  Clubs and ICC website for more information.

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Visit our DASB Flea Market website for more information.

Visit our DASB website for more information.

Visit our Discount Movie Passes page for more information.

The Office of College Life enhances multiculturalism and diversity at De Anza College. The Office of College Life in concert with DASB, clubs and staff provide for numerous educational programs and events representing our diverse student and staff population.

Visit our Housing website for more information.

Tables in the Campus Center are available for clubs, DASB and those interested in passing out free information, brochures, etc. Sign up in the Office of College Life. Contact us for more information at (408) 864-8756 or

Visit our Legal Advice page for more information.

All Flyers and Posters must be brought to the Office of College Life on the lower level of the Campus Center for placement onto the public posting areas. Posting without approval is not allowed.  Up to ten (10) may be posted at one time and they will stay up for up to one month.  Posting will take place once a week. Ideally flyers/posters should be 8.5"x11" (letter size paper) but they can be no larger than 11"x17".  See the De Anza College Posting Policy for full guidelines and regulations on posting.

Visit the De Anza Student Trustee website for more information.

Visit our Vending website for more information.

OFFICE OF College Life
Contact: CollegeLife,
Phone: 408-864-8756
Building: Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level

Last Updated: 4/20/18