Counseling and Advising Center

Counseling and Advising Center

Moderate Letter to Student

Dear Student:

This letter is to inform you that you are currently on Moderate Academic Probation based on your cumulative GPA being below a 2.0 and your ongoing probation status.

Please be aware that a HOLD will be placed on your fall 2012 quarter registration if your GPA does not rise above a 2.0 at the end of Winter 2012, preventing you from enrolling in classes at De Anza. While there is not a hold on your registration for Spring quarter 2012, you are invited to complete the following:

  • Complete the online Student Success Seminar by the deadline using your De Anza College Student ID number.
  • Fill in the answers to questions for each lesson at the last page where you click on the “Fill in this Action Form”. Make sure to submit your plan.

We highly recommend you to complete the Student Success Seminar before your registration date for Spring 2012. The Student Success Seminar will provide you with helpful information that will help to improve your GPA.

If you were not planning on attending De Anza College in spring 2012 quarter, please visit the Counseling & Advising Center to inquire about your probationary status. Please remember to bring this letter when you visit us. We are committed to your success.


Dr. Angela Caballero de Cordero


Dean, Counseling and Matriculation Division

Registration & Student Services Building
2nd floor, Room 201

Phone:  408.864.5400

Last Updated: 1/26/12