The De Anza College Counseling Division welcomes you to the Online Success Seminar. This Seminar is entirely online. Computers are available for use in the Library West Computer Lab in the basement of the Learning Center West building.

  • Prerequisites: Probation status. Other students may be directed to this Seminar at the discretion of the Counseling Division.
  • Use your assigned (8-digit number) ID that De Anza issued you. If you have forgotten or don't know what it is, go to MyPortal.
  • Overview: Many references in the following 5 Lessons will be made to the De Anza College Homepage: Bookmark this site on your computer now.
  • Returning Students: If you are not attending De Anza College during the current quarter you will need to submit an application to De Anza. Go to  to submit an application.
  • If you have a new home address or your email address has changed, log into MyPortal to update your records. 
  • After you complete all of the Lessons you will create an "Action Form for Success" based on information you acquire by completing each Lesson in this Seminar. We encourage you to "think like a new student" as you consider the many resources and options available to you at De Anza College.

ACTION: During each Lesson you will answer questions which will enhance your knowledge about various resources and enable you to create your Action Form at the end of this seminar. We have developed a worksheet to help you organize the information as you work through the Seminar. This worksheet will provide a place for you to take notes which you can use to complete your final Action Form. Print the "Action Form" worksheet now.

  • You may print the "Action Form" found on the bottom of Lesson 5 to use as a worksheet. At the end of Lesson 5, you will need to submit the "Action Form" to get your hold removed.


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