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Reasons to Take COUN 200 

  1. The state of California requires that every student receive an orientation to college!

  2. You will learn what you will need to know to accomplish your academic goal, whether you are working toward an Associate degree and/or to transfer to a university.

  3. You will learn about general education (GE), major requirements and college degrees.

  4. You will learn how to transfer to four-year colleges such as CSU and UC, including how to get guaranteed admission to certain universities such as UC Davis, UC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz.

  5. If you are undecided in your choice of major, you will learn about resources that can help you decide on a major.

  6. You will go on a campus tour and learn about important campus resources and services.

  7. You will have the chance to make a connection with your COUN 200 instructor who is a counselor and will assist you with your academic planning.

  8. You will have the opportunity to make connections with other students in your COUN 200 class.

  9. You will learn about De Anza student government and clubs from other students who are active on campus. You will hear from student volunteers advice that they think you should know to make your time at De Anza more enjoyable and productive.

  10. You will learn about Financial Aid options and how you can pay for college.

  11. You will learn how to select your classes each quarter by completing a Student Educational Plan using DegreeWorks.

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