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The Dance/Theatre Department encourages all students to include some aspect of performing arts in their undergraduate development. We offer classes in technique, production, and general education (lecture). Through classroom and public performance, students are directed toward improving physical and vocal communicative skills while developing a sense of community and teamwork, all of which will translate in a variety of ways in today's job market. As a result of studying and experiencing the performing arts, students experience strong self-discipline. They achieve higher test scores, increased self-awareness and greater confidence. They improve language skills as well as critical and analytical thinking skills. Our productions bring words and images together to create performance experiences that are progressive and transformational for our community.

In addition to offering a variety of technique courses (see the course listings below), dance concerts, dance videos and touring productions are mounted annually and include opportunities for students to choreograph, write and direct original work. Quarterly recitals are presented in an informal setting through acting and dance classes. Additional performance opportunities are available through participation in the following groups: The De Anza Dancers, Reader's Theatre, Actor's Ensemble and Dance Connection. Our courses include field trips at group-rate discounts to a variety of community, academic and professional productions in the Bay Area. The classes include backstage tours and group discussions with artists.

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