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Basic Skills Initiative Overview

Request for Proposals

Results of the competitive request for proposals are in!  Congratulations to the following proposals!

  • Developing a Flow Model from Assessment to Collegiate Course Success (LaManque)

    • This project addresses the underlying need of the De Anza College to better track student matriculation trends from initial placement to actual courses taken, and to final successes in collegiate courses in Math, English, Reading and ESL. The research effort will add significantly to our understanding of student success and retention at De Anza College by providing information not previously available to understand how and why many students get “lost” at De Anza College. Furthermore, it will provide valuable information that will provide insight into more effective interventions and suggestions for changes in policy regarding the timing of assessments.
    • The requested funds will be used specifically to hire a researcher to dedicate up to 20 hours a week to this project.
  • Fourth Annual De Anza Summer Institute for Learning Communities (Stoll)

    • The overarching goal of the Fourth Annual DSILC is to offer training for faculty in proven methods for teaching integrated learning communities that contribute to the success of students in developmental level courses. The Institute will be facilitated and managed by present and former coordinators of the LinC (Learning in Communities) Program. Roughly 90% of LinC classes are composed of one or more basic skills class. The focus of the Institute is geared toward effectively supporting the population of students who take LinC classes, and to positively impact their college experience and successes.
    • The requested funds will be used for the two-day Institute, designed for faculty teams who have taught or anticipate teaching together in a learning community.
  • Sankofa Scholars (Pichon/Coleman)

    • Sankofa Scholars is a counseling-centered black student retention program which offers students dedicated classes and enrolls students in basic skills and other classes as cohorts, while working with instructors and staff on cultural competence issues to insure that there is a healthy dialogue among students, faculty and staff. The Sankofa philosophy encourages a variety of teaching strategies to legitimize and address students’ diverse learning pathways by reaching backward and embracing the past, in order to move forward and to attain success.
    • The requested funds will be utilized as part of their annual operating budget to fund tutoring, conferences, student activities, special events and community dialogues.
  • Theory to Praxis:  Basic Skills Methodology in Instructor Training (Bonilla)

    • The goal of this project is to provide the context for instructors to become metacognitive learners about their own instruction and learning; to read, discuss and apply current learning research including the research or information from various programs and services; to examine the cultural relevance, accessibility and meaning of their instructional models; to gain an understanding of increasing cognitive load toward higher order thinking on the learning continuum in a scaffolded manner that supports diverse learning styles; to write student-based outcomes, rubrics and assessments that support student success and reflect student learning.
    • The requested funds for this project will be used to develop and institutionalize a program that becomes a course or courses which provide adjunct and full-time faculty and staff with informed, focused training and compensation, a means for examination, inquiry, and practice with instruction to develop skills, understanding and instructional models for their professional practice.
  • Writing and Reading Center:  Course Release for WRC Director (Pesano)

    • The Writing and Reading Center has been enormously successful in its 3.5 years of existence, and every quarter continues to grow incrementally in numbers of basic skills students served, workshops offered, and events held. The WRC serves over 60% basic skills students and countless more students who are in transfer level classes, but who still have extensive developmental needs. DeAnza College faces an endemic issue of under-prepared students and the WRC is critical to their success.
    • The funds requested will be used for a one-course load release time for the Director of the WRC.


The RFP was officially closed as of Oct. 31st, 2008. Thank you to all staff and faculty who participated.

The BSI steering committee received 16 request for proposals for additional funding of $70,000 in support of initiatives that promote the retention and success of students enrolled in developmental education courses.


Between 1 and 14 individuals were awarded through a competitive process. The selection followed priorities based upon the results of De Anza's self-assessment. These priorities include:

  • staff development
  • cultural competence
  • integration of current programs and services
We determined a formal review process at the November 6, 2008 Steering Committee meeting that coincided with the RFP Evaluation Rubric.


If you have any questions regarding the RFP or BSI, please contact:


Michele LeBleu-Burns x8218
Gregory Anderson x8981
BSI Co-Chairs


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