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Jerry Rosenberg
Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering (PSME), DARE Co-Chair 

Phone: 408.864.8669
Email: rosenbergjerry@deanza.edu












Jennifer Myhre
BSI Faculty Coordinator, DARE Co-Chair
Phone: 408.864.8560
Email: myhrejennifer@deanza.edu
Photo of Rowena Tomaneng

Rowena Tomaneng
Associate Vice President of Instruction

Title III Project Director
Phone: 408.864.8510
Email: tomanengrowena@deanza.edu






Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)

Jerry Rosenberg        DARE Co-Chair            Dean, Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering (PSME)

Jennifer Myhre               DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator


Rowena Tomaneng         Title III Director                 AVP of Instruction



Last Updated: 10/28/13