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DARE Taskforce Mission

Developmental Education at DeAnza College equitably allows students of every background to take ownership of their education and to succeed in their educational goals by providing the necessary integrated resources, services, and learning environment.

Why the Taskforce Was Created

  • The Taskforce was created as a result of a campus wide retreat in July 2009 with 75+ and grew out of the efforts of the following groups: federal grants and statewide initiatives, campus strategic planning and equity plans and developmental education committee.
  • A significant percentage of students place into at least one developmental level course (estimated at 3 out of 4)
  • Need for a campus-wide effort to improve developmental education
  • Desire to have a clear pathway for students for ease of matriculation
  • Need for better infrastructure for developmental education through integration of instruction, student services, and college services.

DARE Taskforce Charge

The Taskforce will develop a campus-wide plan to streamline and structure the flow of students from the point of entry, through student support and academic courses, to their final objectives. Future objectives will be identified by the Taskforce itself, by grant  objectives (including Title III and BSI) and through future planning retreats.

DARE Taskforce Core Values

  • We believe that developmental education must be an institutionalized, campus-wide effort with sustainable, centralized structures and financial support.
  • We believe in a culture and practice of integration rather than silos especially in the areas of Student Services and Instruction.
  • We believe in student equity, which can be achieved through the practice of culturally responsive curriculum, accommodating diverse learning styles, targeting historically undeserved populations, teaching and providing services in a culturally responsive way, participating in cultural competence development, and engaging students to understand the value of diversity.
  • We believe in intrusive interventions such as early alert, in-class services such as academic advising, counseling, and tutoring support and individualized attention.
  • We believe that continual professional development is needed in the areas of cultural competence and teaching at the developmental level.
  • We believe in the development of the whole student (academically, emotionally, physically).
  • We believe in developing student engagement and leadership as well as institutional engagement with local schools and communities.
  • We believe in a cohort approach to learning.
  • We believe in providing bridges and removing obstacles for students to achieve success both through bridging with high schools, accelerated curricular pathways, and a streamlined matriculation process.
  • We believe that students learn better when they feel their classes are relevant to their lives and futures (e.g. contextualized learning and service learning).
  • We believe in the practice of students helping each other through peer facilitation, mentoring and tutoring.
  • We believe in the use of technology to enhance student learning and provide access and ease of matriculation for students.
  • We believe that a success developmental education program requires a culture of assessment for the goal of improvement at the institutional, programmatic and student level.
  • We believe that clear communication and highly visible services and programs both to the community, students, and employees are necessary for a successful developmental education program.
  • We believe that the student should engage in deep learning and critical thinking at all levels.
  • We believe that we should make every effort possible to make education affordable to students both through financial aid and other resources.

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