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The funding process has been revised.  Please review the Funding Guidelines below and contact the Taskforce  co-chairs if you have any questions.

Proposal Deadlines for 2014-2015:

Quarter Projects
Submission Deadline
 Winter 2015  Friday October 24, 2014
  Monday Nov 24, 2014
  Friday Jan 23, 2015
  Monday Feb 23, 2015
 Spring 2015 & Summer 2015  TBD
 Fall 2015  TBD
 Winter 2016  TBD

DARE Funding Guidelines  (PDF) New

DARE Funding Proposal Form (.doc) New

DARE Proposal Review Criteria

DARE BSI Fund Usage/Activity Report (.doc) New

DARE Clickers Request Form New

Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)

Jennifer Myhre              DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator


Rowena Tomaneng        DARE Co-Chair                AVP of Instruction


Deepa Yuvaraj               Program Coordinator      DARE - BSI            



Last Updated: 10/21/14