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DARE is working with disciplines across the college to help faculty members develop greater expertise in serving students at the basic skills levels. The project is focused on creating a cross campus culture that connects the hearts and minds of faculty in all disciplines to embrace supportive basic skills pedagogy which can be incorporated into all course levels to help every student achieve success, regardless of their academic preparation.

DARE Partners Faculty Basic Skills Needs Survey

The DARE Partners sent a survey to all faculty to gather feedback on the basic skills needs of their students and the skills that are most important for their students to grasp in order to succeed in their class.

Based on these findings, the workgroup developed the three projects listed below to help faculty work with basic skills students in their class.

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DARE Partners Road Show

The workgroup developed a presentation based on feedback from the Basic Skills Needs Survey. The workgroup is taking the presentation on a Road Show to each division on campus. In spring 2013, the Road Show was presented to the Social Science division. To schedule a presentation at your division meeting contact: myhrejennifer@deanza.edu

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Clicker Project

DARE is currently requesting proposals from instructors interested in experimenting with clickers in their classes. Clickers are remote control-like devices that allow every student in a class to instantaneously answer a question or provide the instructor with feedback. The instructor can immediately project graphs of students’ answers and award credit to students for their responses if desired. Some applications of clickers in college classes have helped reduce the achievement gap, and DARE would like to get feedback from De Anza instructors on their utility and potential for broader adoption here. Instructors interested in receiving a classroom set of clickers should complete the form below.

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Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)


Jennifer Myhre              DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator 408.864.8560

 Rowena Tomaneng       DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator 408.864.8510


Deepa Yuvaraj               Program Coordinator      DARE - BSI  408.864.8995



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