Classes I Teach

Spring 2019

01333MUSI 1A1Music Appreciation: Music in Western Cultures
44788MUSI 13A61Beginning Singing I
44790MUSI 13B61Beginning Singing II
43937MUSI 13C61Beginning Singing III
43945MUSI 2061De Anza Chorale
44791MUSI 211Vintage Singers

Winter 2019

01396MUSI 1A2Music Appreciation: Music in Western Cultures
34503MUSI 13A61Beginning Singing I
34505MUSI 13B61Beginning Singing II
33703MUSI 13C61Beginning Singing III
33711MUSI 2061De Anza Chorale
34510MUSI 211Vintage Singers
35177MUSI 2261Early Music Study and Performance
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