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DLC Committee Meeting March 14, 2012

Agenda and Topics:

  • Catalyst Migration Summer 2012    --- Kevin
  • DL Strategic Plan    --- April
  • Faculty Course Open Houses  --- Dave
  • Course Quality Rubric   --- Dave



Attendees: April, Kevin, David, Larry, Anthony, Michele, Shagun.

1. Discussion of MyPortal feature to allow students to request to add fully-online classes and instructors to grant or deny those requests. Kevin will find out whether this feature will still be available for De Anza for spring.

2. Catalyst Migration Summer 2012    --- Kevin

Kevin discussed plans for Summer 2012 Catalyst migration. Catalyst will be upgraded to run in a virtual private cloud with new hardware. Potential benefits include improved uptime and shorter cutovers to new installations each summer. We will continue using Moodle version 1.9 for now because the experience of other colleges has been rough moving to 2.x, requiring significant changes to courses. Many other colleges have pushed back plans to move to 2.x as a result.

The new Mediated Learning Center (MLC) building will be online for fall. Distance Learning and the Technology Resources Group (TRG) are scheduled to move in the 8th week of summer. The Catalyst upgrade will take place the 8th and 9th weeks of summer. During the upgrade, all of the following systems will be unavailable: the live Catalyst server, the Catalyst development server, the tech support ticket system, the DELTA syllabus and orientation system, and the streaming video servers (with the exception of iTunesU). The servers should be back up by the 10th week of summer, and fall courses will become available over the next two weeks, with all created by a couple weeks before fall begins.

Faculty should request that live courses be backed up to master shells before summer quarter ends. The new Catalyst installation will be backed up more frequently than the current one. Kevin has a disaster recovery plan that will allow redeployment of Catalyst within three days of a system failure next year.

3. DL Strategic Plan    --- April

April announced that Dean Gregory Anderson has called for the creation of a strategic plan for distance learning. This will tie into another document the distance learning department will be creating, a substantive change request for the ACCJC accrediting commission, which will describe degrees and certificates at De Anza that can be completed at least 50 percent online. Foothill recently had their change request approved by the ACCJC. Both documents will address support services for distance classes.

4. Faculty Course Open Houses    --- David

David asked if faculty would be interested in holding brief "Open Houses" of their Catalyst courses where other faculty could request to visit for up to an hour. Anthony and Shagun suggested instead that faculty be invited to share a unit of a course that the faculty member had edited for sharing, with visitors allowed to take their time looking at those contributed units.

5. Course Quality Rubric    --- David

The group agreed that it would be great to look at the CSU Chico Rubric for Online Instruction for its possible use at De Anza as-is and/or in a modified form, possibly shorter. A rubric could be useful to individuals and departments in providing guidance for faculty creating courses or refining existing courses.


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