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 Online Orientation for HUMI-D016.-63Z with Elizabeth Bresnan  
Your class uses Catalyst, De Anza's online classroom environment. You can access Catalyst at https://catalyst.deanza.edu/. The following information will assist you in learning to use the Catalyst system. All information below is also available via the "First time?" link on the main Catalyst website.
First Time Users
If this is your first time using the Catalyst system, please take a few moments to review the three User Guides below. Students who have reviewed these guides report a more thorough understanding of the Catalyst system. See the First Time User Guide.
First time students are encouraged to review the Catalyst Student Guides. The first link will help guide you through the login process. The second link will help you setup your initial password and user profile. The third link will help you become familiar with the catalyst navigation system. Students requiring additional assistance with their course(s) are encouraged to read the course syllabus, contact the instructor regarding course content, and for assistance with the Catalyst system students may visit the Catalyst site for help.

Distance Learning
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