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Online Orientation: Introduction

 Online Orientation for BUS -D021.-63Z with Byron Lilly  
Students who register for De Anza College Distance Learning courses might be required to attend an on-campus first class meeting or complete this online orientation. Please check specific instructions from the course syllabus for details. In this orientation you will be introduced to the facilities and resources available to De Anza Distance Learning students. Please review the information carefully. There is a quiz to help you evaluate your readiness for being a distance learning student. This orientation consists of three parts:
  • Course Information - an overview of the specific course, course materials, course requirements and getting started
  • General Information - information about distance learning including De Anza services, a self assessment of student readiness for distance learning, technology requirements, and study skills
  • Student Information Form - students must fill out and submit this form to confirm completion of the online orientation
The General Information section contains several modules. Please check the course information in the De Anza Course Schedule for more information about your Distance Learning course.
  • Introduction
  • Distance Learning information
  • Study skills
  • Distance Learning resources
  • Instructional media (as appropriate - Catalyst, Online, TV / Video)
To navigate through the orientation, use the "Previous page" and "Next page" links at the bottom of each page. When you have reviewed an information page and completed the activities, click the "Next page" link to move through the orientation.

By selecting a topic in the navigation bar to the left, you can view topic pages of the orientation in any order. It is recommended, however, that you go through the pages in sequence.

Students must complete and submit the Student Information Form at the end of this online orientation for each course in order to receive credit for completing the course online orientation. If you are enrolled in more than one Distance Learning course, you must complete the online orientation and submit the Student Information Form for each class.

Note: Students who enroll in a distance learning course and who do not attend the first class meeting or complete the online orientation will be dropped from the course to make room for students on waiting lists.

Depending on your course and your instructor, some of the functions described may not be used for your class. However, you will likely encounter these functions in future online learning courses.

Once again, welcome to De Anza Distance Learning. We hope that this orientation helps you to be successful as a distance learner.

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