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 Online Orientation for LIB -D001.-63Z with Pauline Yeckley  
The video lessons for this course are also available as video-to-the-desktop or videostreams. If you would like to access your video lessons from a computer you will need:
  • Quicktime Player installed on the computer.
  • A high speed Internet connection.

To access the videostreams go to http://catalyst.deanza.edu and follow the logon instructions on this page. You will not be able to logon until noon on the first day of instruction.

Please go to the Distance Learning website, http://www.deanza.edu/distance/. Select "Course media" then "Webcasts and Videostreams." You can also get Videostream tech help tips.

Keep in mind that network congestion either at De Anza College or with your ISP can affect the smooth delivery of the videostream.

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