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Online Orientation for PSYC-D014.-63Z
(It is highly recommended that you print out this page for future reference.)
Instructor Contact Information
Instructor Mark Healy
Office Hours MTW 10:30-11:45am & by Appt.
Office Location F21-N
Office Phone 408-864-8557
Email healymark@fhda.edu
A Message from your Instructor
Welcome to online Developmental Aspects of Psychology! Please check the email account linked to your De Anza registration for the syllabus and online registration instructions.
To register for the course, go to MyDevelopmentLab.com, find "Register", click "Student" and when prompted enter the course ID: healy88024. You will then be guided through the registration process. You will not need to access any De Anza College resources for this course, other than purchasing the book and access code for Pearson.
Hours of Study
Be prepared to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week using and studying the course materials.
How to get started in your course
Using the syllabus, email communication from the Instructor, and Home Page of the course, click "Course Calendar" and begin.

Distance Learning
Building: MLC 210
Email: distance@deanza.edu
Phone: 408.864.8969

Last Updated: 9/5/13