Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Legal Aspects

Suspension Of DSPS Services

Per California Code of Regulations,Title 5, Section 56010 (b), if a student utilizing the programs in the Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Division fails to adhere to the written policies and procedures of a specified service, they will be:
  • informed in writing by the Dean of Disability Support Program and Services of an impending suspension of the service
  • permitted the opportunity to appeal with the Dean or his/her representative
  • provided with a written notice of the resolution arrived at during the appeals process to continue services, or a final notice of suspension
  • entitled to appeal through the College Grievance process (See Appendix)

The policies and procedures to be followed for each service are specified in the description of that service.  See the Table of Contents for the Disability Information Service Handbook (DISH) to link to the page of an individual service.  Students may also request a printed copy or an alternate format for any part of the DISH document from either Disability Support Services or  Learning Disabilities Support.


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