Disability Information Student Handbook

Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Five: Campus and Community Life

Online Education

Online classes can be an effective method to address some disability access issues, because they may offer the flexibility to complete some course work off-campus. De Anza offers online courses through the Online Education office. Visit the office to pick up the information brochure and schedule or visit the site at www.deanza.edu/online-ed. Courses produced by De Anza are closed captioned, and the college is in the process of ensuring closed captioned access to all video courses. Those currently available are designated as such in the Online Education brochure and schedule. Web and online courses are also expected to meet accessibility standards.

Completing courses in an online format can create some challenge for all learners. Before you register for a class that relies heavily on technology and may not meet on a regular schedule, prepare yourself by discussing the advantages and challenges of this option with a counselor or advisor. You will want to consider carefully the skills necessary to work independently.

It is also recommended that you take a class that orients you to online learning methods. Online Education has a self evaluation that can assist you to decide if you are prepared for this type of course work. You can take this assessment at http://www.deanza.edu/online-ed/dlcquestionnaire.html

Steps to Request Accommodations for Online courses:

  1. Students who are currently enrolled on campus in the EDC or DSS programs should make an appointment with their advisor or counselor to discuss online course options and accommodation needs.
  2. For students not currently enrolled, to establish eligibility for disability accommodations may necessitate attendance at on campus appointments. Students with disabilities who are unable to do so should consult as follows to determine possible alternatives


  • All disability documentation, eligibility requirements and procedures as outlined in the DISH, Section 2, Using Disability Services & Accommodations, "The Basic Questions", apply to accommodations for distance education classes.
  • Learning disability assessment at De Anza and disability information meetings are held on campus.


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