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Disability Support Programs & Services (DSPS) Division

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Information about the DSPS Division's Programs and Services

Disability Support Services

Learning Disabilities Support Team

Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL)

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS)

Adapted Physical Education

Community Based Programs - HOPE/DeAnza

Each of these program areas make unique contributions to De Anza's comprehensive services and instruction for students with disabilities.  For more information, use the links below to go to the individual area's Home page or to a specific web page of interest.


Administrative oversight of all of De Anza College's disability support programs and services.

Home - Disability Support Programs and Services Division

For Students:

For Faculty:



Students with disabilities wanting to receive accommodations and support services should start with

Disability Support Services (DSS).

Academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and support services for students with disabilities.

Home - Disability Support Services


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Accommodations and Educational Assistance classes for students with learning disabilities

Home - Learning Disabilities Support Team

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Assistive technology instruction and training for students with disabilities

Home - Computer Accessibility Lab

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Interpreters/Captioners and other services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing

Home - Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services


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Educational Assistance Fitness Classes for students with disabilities

Home - Adapted Physical Education


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Provides off-campus instruction for students with Intellectual Disabilities:

Home - HOPE - De Anza


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Building: Registration & Student Services Building (RSS), Suite 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753

Last Updated: 6/8/17