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Disability Support Services Department

Definition of DSS Terms

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◊ New DSS Student ◊ ◊ Returning DSS Student ◊ ◊ Continuing DSS Student ◊

Students who may be eligible for programs or services from DSS have one or more of the disabilities listed below.  Click here to learn more.

  • Mobility/Physical Disability
  • Vision Disability
  • Communication Disability
    • speech and language
    • Deaf/hard of hearing
  • Acquired Brain Impairment
  • Developmentally Delayed Learners
  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Other Disabilities
Students who have learning disabilities are served by the Educational Diagnostic Centerand should follow the application process described there.

An educational limitation

  • is a disability-related functional limitation in the educational setting
  • prevents a student from fully benefiting from classes, activities, or services offered to non-disabled students without specific, additional support services, instruction, or program adjustments

DSS or EDC accommodations and services must be directly related to a student's educational limitation(s).

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  • is a plan to address the specific needs of a student with a disability
  • specifies the accommodations, support services and classes that are identified and agreed upon by both the DSS counselor/EDC advisor and the student as necessary to meet specific educational needs
  • must be completed before a student receives DSS or EDC services
  • must be updated annually by the student and DSS counselor/EDC advisor to review services, determine the progress made toward the student's stated goals, and make any needed changes
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Who is considered a "New" DSS Student?

"New" DSS students are those who have NOT received DSS services at De Anza College in the past. They may be either

  • A prospective De Anza student not enrolled in classes who seeks DSS assistance to
    • apply for the college,
    • enroll in classes,
    • receive support services and accommodations for classes
  • A currently enrolled, continuing De Anza student who has not used DSS services in the past, but now seeks DSS services for
    • support services and accommodations
    • Priority Registration for enrolling in classes

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Who is considered a "Returning" DSS Student?

"Returning" DSS students are those who have used De Anza College DSS services in the past, but have

  • been away from De Anza for one year or more


  • not used DSS services for one year or more

Before receiving services again, returning students must

  • update their disability verification documentation
  • meet with a DSS Counselor to establish a new Student Educational Contract.

Contact the DSS Secretary for instructions on re-registering for support with DSS.

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Who is a "continuing" DSS student?

A De Anza College student with a disability who

  • has completed the DSS Disability Verification process and the Intake appointment
  • is enrolled in De Anza classes as a continuing student,
  • is currently using DSS services,
  • has completed any necessary DSS paperwork,
  • has an up to date Student Educational Contract.

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Disabiity Support Services Building: RSS-141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748

Last Updated: 1/27/12