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For the Learning Strategies (LS) (formerly GUID) class schedule for the current and upcoming quarter classes, see the College Schedule of classes.




  • LS 200 (.5 Unit) Learning Disability Assessment


  • LS 201 (4 Units) Introduction to Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder
    • For students who have used learning disabilities support services in high school and continuing students with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders. Includes success strategies, guest speakers and legal information. (Fall quarter) 


  • LS 202 (4 Units) Student Success Strategies
    • A student skills class to develop strategies to improve study methods and organizational skills, and self esteem. Special study skills effective for students with disabilities. Good for re-entry students. (Winter quarter)


  • LS 204 (4 Units) Introductory Spelling Strategies
    • In-depth study of word structure and spelling strategies. Improves ability and accuracy to recognize and pronounce unknown words. Improves reading efficiency.


  • LS 207 (4 Units) Introductory Writing and Grammar Skills
    • Covers sentence structure, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, paragraph development and functional editing skills in preparation for EWRT 200 class.


  • LS 209 (4 Units) Arithmetic Skills
    • For students not prepared for Math 210 (pre-algebra). Skill building in decimals, fractions and percents, and math learning strategies.


  • LS 211 (4 Units) Algebra Skills 1
    • For students experiencing math difficulties or needing a refresher course in preparation for Math 210 (pre-algebra). Basic operations using signed numbers, solving equations, variables, expressions, word problem strategies.


  • LS 212 (4 Units) Algebra Skills 2
    • To gain confidence and strategies before enrolling in Math 112 (elementary algebra), Covers polynomials, factoring, algebraic fractions, beginning graphing.




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Learning Disabilities Support Team
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