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Part-Time Faculty Offices Available in Baldwin Winery

Office space for part-time faculty is available on the lower level of the Baldwin Winery, between the A Quad and Campus Center. Entrance is through the north-facing side of the building.

The office area includes:
  • Baldwin Winery PT Faculty Offices30 workstations and lockers
    (may be shared depending on demand) — 15 workstations include computers; the other 15 include network outlets for laptop access.
  • Copier and scantron
  • 2 small meeting rooms (not to be used for office space)
  • Break area
  • Lobby area with seating outside office pods for students who are waiting to meet with a faculty member during office hours.
  1. Complete aAdobe PDF icon Part-Time Faculty Paid Office Hours /Intent to Participate Form (include Baldwin Winery in the Office Hour Location field) and submit to your dean or administrative assistant.

  2. Your division office will send a copy of your completed form to the Office of Finance and Educational Resources for processing.

  3. Assignment of office space will begin during the first week of the quarter. Requests received during the first week of the quarter will be processed by the second week of the quarter.

  4. Part-time faculty will access the office pod via a FOB. Electronic access keys (FOBs) for the space will generally be available for pick up 7 days after Finance and Educational Resources has processed the request.
  • Workstations will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Access to the Baldwin Winery office pod is restricted to part-time faculty who have been assigned a workstation.
  • Student access to the office pod is controlled through an intercom system with which students can contact the faculty directly via the telephone at the assigned workstation.
  • Based on demand, more than one part-time faculty member may be assigned to each workstation.
  • The assignment of a workstation is valid for one quarter only.
  • Faculty must renew their office space request when they renew their office hour for the next quarter.
  • Locker key requests will be accepted at the De Anza Finance and Educational Resources Office in the Administration Building beginning on the first day of classes each quarter.
  • Lockers will also be available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Depending on demand, more than one part-time faculty member may be assigned to a locker.
It is the responsibility of part-time faculty to return locker keys to Paula Joseph in Finance and Educational Resources at the end of each quarter.

Part-time faculty will be responsible for scheduling the two meeting rooms and for the maintenance of the break area.

Educational Resources
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Contact: Paula Joseph
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 4/22/14