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Jesus Ruelas

Transferred to U C Santa Cruz

Sociology major

UCSC Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award recipient

EOPS is such a great program that has supported me through my three years here at De Anza College with guidance and counseling. One of the resources that I utilized the most was the book voucher and book rental. Books can be very expensive, up to $100.00 for 1 book. So I really appreciated the help financially. I’m a father of two. I live in Silicon Valley so rent is really expensive and money is tight. So I can surely say that without the help of EOPS my success here at De Anza would have been limited. Again thanks to EOPS support I’m graduating De Anza College with an AA degree and transferring to UC Santa Cruz.

After I finish my education, my goal is to gain employment at a college such as De Anza College and get to work with students of color from low income community, to help inspire and motivate them to pursue a higher education.

Thao Vy Nguyen

Transferred to San Jose State University

Health Science major

EOPS has contributed a lot to my success. The program provided me with a team of dedicated, professional and convivial counselors. They lent me a helping hand when it came to planning out my academic years and choosing courses. Additionally, they looked out for due dates, alternatives when certain courses were canceled, made sure I was on the right path to fulfill all requirements to graduate and transfer. The program also gave me early registration dates, which always guaranteed me classes I needed to take. With the increasing number of students coming to De Anza, I could not be able to do so had EOPS not prioritized students who joined the program. Moreover, EOPS has helped me out by granting book vouchers, saving me hundreds of dollars every quarter. Without EOPS, it would be a long, winding road to success.

I would like to thank the entire EOPS staff and counselors who have been consistently helping me throughout the years. You have kept me staying on the path to success. I am very grateful of all you have done.

Angelie Lopez

Transferred to San Francisco State University

History major


In high school, my counselors did not feel I was college material, and did not prepare me for a higher education in any way. This made me feel like I was never truly “college material”. I was a student who was receiving very bad grades, and wasn’t eligible for my high school graduation until a week before the ceremony. I took the year off after high school to help my sister who had found herself a young, single mother. I started working in service jobs, and I realized I didn’t want to be uneducated, and I wanted a future for myself. The only way for me to do this was through education.

When I started attending De Anza, I was nervous and had a lot of self-doubt about attending college. EOPS helped make my experience a lot less scary. I finally had the support system I had lacked all throughout my high school career. Being the daughter of immigrants who had never gotten a college education, I had very little help of how to navigate my way through college, and I had no financial support from my parents. I would have not been able to afford any of my books for school without the help of the book voucher EOPS provided each quarter, and it would have been very hard to enroll in my classes without the priority registration EOPS students got.

The most important service EOPS provided me was the strong sense of support that I felt when I met with the counselors and academic advisors; I always had someone to turn to. Each person at EOPS really cares about their students being successful and living up to their full potential; they give you the extra push you need. With the support that I received from EOPS, I was able to receive my Associates degree with honors. I never thought I would be able to be successful in school, and I am very thankful EOPS for helping me during my time in De Anza.

After I finish my bachelor’s degree in history, I would like to continue my education and get my masters in sociology. I plan to take what I learn in history and use that as a strong foundation for my studies in sociology and use my knowledge to help my community. I would like to help make college more accessible for low income students.

I feel that working in the EOPS office has shown me how important it is to have a strong support group in order to find success. I’m going to miss working in the office with all the staff, student workers, and being able to help all our students =’(   Thank you for everything!!

DanhThanh Ngoc Chu

Transferred to U C L A

Biochemistry major


EOPS/CARE provided counseling, which I considered one of the most important things that contributed to my success. Specific guides and helps from the counselors (advice, scheduling, completing requirements, and many more) gave me a better idea how to prepare for current and future education. EOPS/CARE also provided me early registration, which was essential due to the limited offered classes every quarter (especially major classes of Biology and Chemistry). Furthermore, it helped students by giving book vouchers every quarter, and students from a low-income family like me really appreciated this. All of these things that EOPS/CARE provided contributed to my success.

I really appreciate all the help that I received from EOPS/CARE, and I wish this service get more funding to continue helping other students.

Natnale Fantaye

Transferred to U C Riverside

Bioengineering major


EOPS had a huge impact in my successful completion of my lower division courses here at De Anza College. The methodical class selections, together with a sound advice from EOPS counselors have helped me stay on track. Early registration is one of the most important benefits I was privileged to get from EOPS. It motivated me not only to learn, but in fact avoided any delays in my educational plans. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all EOPS staff for helping me finish in a good note.

My ultimate goal is to, first, support my family and community. I want to get involved in a cause that brings opportunity for minority students, like myself, to help them succeed in both academic and social aspects.

Melody Kuo

Transferred to CSU East Bay

Nursing major

Without EOPS/CARE’s support, my academic journey and success would not have been as great as it has been. All of my counseling sessions have been very helpful in my decision makings in all aspects including choosing the next set of courses for the following quarter and the best school for me to transfer to. I was also able to obtain a recommendation letter from my EOPS/CARE counselor which helped me in my acceptance in one of the schools that I applied to. When unexpected situations occurred, my counselor was still very positive in her thoughts. I am also truly grateful that EOPS/CARE offers earlier registration. It helped me get all of the classes that I needed so that I can be on track with my quarterly plan. Book vouchers were also, no doubt, a great help financially. I really appreciated the warmth and support that I’ve received.Thank you!

Angelica Esquivel

Transferred to U C L A

Sociology major

President’s Award recipient

Some of the services that impacted my success have been the counselor meetings and the book vouchers. By having two mandatory counselor meetings I have been able to stay on track and look in the future. I felt like I was organized and ready for the next quarter even before I applied for classes. The second was access to a book voucher. I am an AB 540 student who is also undocumented and it was a blessing to have some financial relief from EOPS. I take biology and math courses that require books that cost about $200 each so the voucher made a difference in my life. Thank you!

My ultimate goal is to work as a Public Health Educator to help low-income and minority communities become educated about their diseases and how to prevent getting sick. I was to help them before it is too late and they have to go to emergency services because some lack health insurance. I also want to create and advocate for policies that will benefit these communities.

Dinh Chau

Transferred to University of Richmond, Virginia

Business Administration – Finance major

I’m very grateful for all the services and help from advisors and staff in EOPS office. The program contributed not only a big part in my transfer process and the entire year at De Anza College, but EOPS also made me feel so safe when taking classes as well as released me from my financial burden. Even though I asked a lot of questions, the advisor did not feel annoyed but gave me so many insightful opinions.

Salem Ghebreyohannes

Transferred to U C Berkeley

Molecular and Cell Biology major

EOPS has helped me in many ways. Most importantly the program has helped me tremendously with the transfer process to a university. The counselors have provided me with useful transfer information, advice and support and encouragement throughout the entire year to make sure I have a smooth and easy transition.

EOPS early registration opportunity has also been very helpful.  Being a high unit major, it’s not easy getting the classes you need provided that there are limited seats. The early registration program has helped me get all the classes I need at the right time. EOPS book voucher has also been very helpful in lowering my financial expenses. With book expenses being very high, having the book voucher was a big help.

My ultimate goal is to work at research companies and further my knowledge in the field of Biological Sciences. Hopefully, I will go for higher education.

This program is a great opportunity and I think every eligible student should take advantage of the services and help provided by this program. Thank you to everyone for being there for me and all your support and encouragement.

Cam-Ha Nguyen

Transferred to U C Davis

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

EOPS counselor helped me a lot in academic advising and giving me ideas to write the personal statement. I consider it is one of the reasons all of the UCs which I applied have accepted me. The book voucher is extremely helpful because the books are usually expensive so it helped me a lot to purchase all those books. Moreover, early registration helped me to take the classes that I needed to take. First year, I didn’t have EOPS and all of the major classes were full when my registration date came and that was so frustrating.

After I finish my education at UC Davis, hopefully I can go to medical school since I want to become a cardiologist.

Zeradam Fantaye

Transferred to U C San Diego

Electrical Engineering major

EOPS has contributed a lot to my success in college ever since I joined the program. From the advice that I received from EOPS counselors, I made it possible to transfer to one of the top-ten four-year universities in the nation. By visiting counselors twice a quarter, it helps me to find solutions for my academic and personal problems. Most of all, the privilege of having early registration is a major contributor for my success at De Anza. 

My ultimate goal after finishing college is to help advance technology in third world countries such as Ethiopia. I believe that it is through the advancement of technology that economic growth is attainable.

Dhundup Wangyal

Transferred to San Jose State University

Business Administration – Accounting major

I consider EOPS as my second family.  My bond with EOPS has become stronger as I had the opportunity to work in the EOPS department as a student employee.  I can easily say that among all the work places I have worked so far, EOPS is my favorite work place because all the employees and staff have a very positive energy every single day. We also have very wonderful group of counselors; each of our counselors have different characteristics and different ways of handling their students, which gives students the option to choose one that best suits themselves or see all them turn by turn just to make interesting.  So, easily, my counselors are one of the reasons why I am transferring to 4-year college and helped me believe in myself. Another person who helped me when I needed the most is Mr. George Robles (De Anza EOPS Coordinator). In all, EOPS is the one who is responsible for my graduation today.

My goal is to never stop learning new things because that is the only way one can get somewhere and also help whoever will be in need, specially my family who are supporting me right now.

Tuan Pham

Transferred to San Francisco State University

Business Administration – Accounting major

The counselors definitely helped guide me throughout college, even with my change in majors, they steered me the right direction. I can’t thank them enough, and always getting the teachers of my choice definitely helps too! Without the book vouchers I would be in some serious trouble as I have gone over units and can’t receive FAFSA until I transfer in the fall to SFUS. I made friends with student employees working in the front desks of the EOPS office and that made my experience so much better because we actually did stuff outside of school too! I owe a lot to this program, and wish it well in helping future EOPS students.

My goal after I finish my education is to start an accounting career and hopefully one day open my own company or work high up the corporate ladder. They say if you can’t change something outside, change it from the inside; maybe I will have an impact on corporate America. Only the future can tell!

It was a privilege to be able to have EOPS help me and I give every staff member my sincerest thank you!

Mandana Mostofi

Transferred to U C Berkeley

Psychology major

EOPS was an amazing opportunity for that support throughout my education academically as well as financially.

EOPS’s kind counselors and other assistants always helped me to find my answers, and showed me the best and easiest way to reach my goals.

My ultimate goal after I finish my education is to becoming a psychologist/counselor and help people with mental needs.

I just want to thank every single person in EOPS again. The support that I got from EOPS definitely made a significant effect on my academic life. I would not be where I am without you guys.

Tuan Phan

Transferred to San Jose State University

Computer Science major


First of all, I want to say thanks to the dedicated staff and counselor at EOPS. They work with their hearts to not only advise the student but also to understand their students. Moreover, the book voucher was a big help for me. Indeed, I’m a low income student, and it is really hard for me to afford the books without the voucher. Lastly, I also want to thank EOPS for the early registration. It is really meaningful for me and my education because it helps me get all the planned class and transfer on time. 

My goal when I finish my education is to work on research to better the life of the disable.

Thank you EOPS/CARE. You are a big help for my education.

Thinh Dang

Transferred to U C Davis

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

EOPS has helped me so much in class registration and other supplies that contributed to my success. The most important contribution that EOPS has done for me was about the counseling of my academic plan. The EOPS counselors were best in giving us advices and planning out what we should accomplish in order to transfer. They also motivated us to work hard and believe in ourselves. I wish EOPS at De Anza will always keep up their good work because you are very important for those future students to accomplish the same thing as we do today.

My ultimate goal is to get the BS degree in UCD then get into medical school to get the MD degree.

Minfang Huang

Transferred to San Jose State University

Business Administration - Accounting major

EOPS/CARE offered me excellent counseling, and I was able to ask the counselors when I met some troubles on transferring.  EOPS/CARE provided the book voucher to help me reduce the expensive book fees. The early registration allows me to pick the classes I’m able to take.

I very like EOPS/CARE because it helps me a lot and helps me toward success. At first, I think EOPS/CARE restricts me a lot and I couldn’t understand why we need to have two appointments and registration check every quarter. But I realized that we really need those services. I appreciate that I’m a member of EOPS/CARE and I am able to benefit from its services to help me succeed. Thank you very much.

Christina Sabathia

Transferred to U C Santa Cruz

Sociology major


EOPS has helped me by placing me on an academic plan to keep me on track, in which that has allowed me to physically see a goal and achieve it. My counselor has been awesome in assisting me academically and on a personal level as well.

After I finish my education, I would love to help minorities who have lived thru traumatic events.

Mai Trang Tran

Transferred to San Francisco State University

Hospitality and Tourism Management major

EOPS/CARE helped me a lot throughout my time at De Anza. EOPS let me register for classes before most people and that is a huge advantage to me because I was able to get classes that I needed. EOPS also gave me money to buy books and that was a great thing because books are so expensive most of the time I don’t even have enough money to buy it. Also going to see the counselors every once in a while helps me keep on track with what I am doing and what I need to do in order to graduate.

My ultimate goal after school is to get a good, stable job and work and go for something higher in life. I really want to open up or manage my own hotel later on in life. I know it will take a lot of time, but if I push myself I know I can go somewhere.

Being in EOPS was a blessing and I am thankful of all the staffs that are always there to help me. Thank You!


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