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We believe that all who work and study at De Anza College are committed to the shared goal of creating a quality experience for every student.
In part, determining if a student has had, or is having, a quality learning experience is measured by student access and achievement. Thus, using the philosophy and approach of social justice and multicultural education we determine student equity through rigorous ongoing accountable processes that will work toward ensuring equity in all measurements of student access and achievement across lines of gender, racial identity, ethnicity and disability. Specifically, the college must increase transfer rates and degree and certificate awards, improve access, course completion, course retention and persistence, and, importantly, equalize student success rates by gender, race, ethnicity and disability.
In addition, securing an equitable learning experience, as well as measurable student access and achievement outcomes is met by the goal of creating a fully inclusive community. Thus, to this end, the Equity Office works to enhance the ability of faculty, classified professionals and administrators to support and guide in culturally responsive ways each other and the students we serve.
More information about student equity is available in β€œDe Anza 2005: Pathways to Student Equity: Achieving the Goals of the Educational Master Plan,” available in the De Anza College Equity Office.

De Anza 2005 Pathways Report

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