English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL)

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ESL Department Chair:

Maria Marin

Email: marinmaria@fhda.edu

Office: F6 I
Office phone: (408) 864-5767

Language Arts Division Office:

Office phone: (408) 864-8547

You are an international student if you entered, or plan to enter, the United States on a student visa. International students should contact the De Anza College International Student Office:

Web Site: International Students
Email: dainternational@fhda.edu
Office: Registration & Student Services Building
Office Phone: (408) 864-8826

De Anza College Information:

Main Phone Number: (408) 864-5678
Admissions & Records: (408) 864-5300

English as a Second Language
Contact: Michele DuBarry
Email: dubarrymichele@fhda.edu

Last Updated: 7/11/17