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ESL 253 High Intermediate Grammar and Writing

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Title: Intermediate Grammar

Author: Bland, Susan Kesner

ISBN-13: 9780194343664

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Marcy Betlach says, “Good detailed explanations of grammar. Written and oral exercises, both structured and open. A lot of exercises in each chapter. Be selective when assigning homework.” John Fleming used this text for 10 quarters.

Title: Grammar Sense 3

Author: Bland, Susan Kesner

ISBN-13: 9780194366359

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Iris Thot-Johnson is using this text for ESL 253 and really likes it. The students do, too. John Fleming also used this book.

Title: Grammar in Context 3

Author: Elbaum, Sandra

ISBN-13: 9781424079025

Publisher: Heinle ELT

Anne Thistlethwaite uses this text, but says that “there is too much material and it is a little dull, but students appreciate having a set of good grammar exercises with explanations to work on.”  Charles Lee agrees that teachers have to be selective when giving assignments.  Dina Poggi also recommends this text.  She believes it covers ESL 253 grammar very well. Each chapter has readings, which demonstrate the use of targeted grammar.  Each chapter contains expansion activities, grammatical form and function notes, and review and test exercises. This text has test generation software, which makes creating custom tests simple and quick.

Title: Focus on Grammar 4

Author: Marjorie Fuchs and Margaret Bonner 

ISBN-13: 9780131900080

Publisher: Pearson Longman

Kathy Flores recommends this text.  It is clear and accessible.  There is not an overabundance of exercises and all the answers are in the back.  The grammar charts are good.  This text does not, however, include chapters on noun or adverb clauses, so instructors will have to supplement these points.

Title: Grammar Links 3

Author: Van Zante, Janis, Debra Daise, Charl Norloff and Randee Falk

ISBN-13: 9780618274147

Publisher: Heinle ELT


**NOTE: For writing component, you should create your own writing assignments rather than having the students purchase two texts.



Title: Writing to Communicate 1

Author: Boardman, Cynthia and Jia Frydenberg

ISBN: 9780136141914

Publisher: Pearson Longman



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Great Paragraphs

Destinations 2

Looking Ahead 2

Tapestry 3 W

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