English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

ESL 263 Low-Advanced Grammar and Writing

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Title: Developing Compositions Skills

Author: Ruetten, Mary

ISBN-13: 9781111220556

Publisher: Heinle ELT


Title: Engaging Writing: Paragraphs

Author: Fitzpatrick, Mary

ISBN-13: 9780136085188

Publisher: Pearson Longman

MUST change writing assignments in book to focus only on one idea per paragraph. Also readings must be supplemented. Has good skills practice.




Title: Top 20: Great Grammar for Great Writing

Author: Folse, Keith, Elena Vestri Solomon, and Barbara Smith-Palinkas

ISBN-13: 9780618789672

Publisher: Heinle ELT


Title: Grammar Troublespots

Author: Raimes, Ann

ISBN-13: 9780521532860

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Title: Eye on Editing 2

Author: Cain, Joyce B.

ISBN-13: 9780201621341

Publisher: Pearson Longman


 If students are looking for more self-study grammar help, refer them to the computer lab in ATC 103 and the Focus on Grammar 5 computer software.



Writing Clearly – moved to 273

Better Writing Through Dditing – too simple

Northstar 5 R/W – not appropriate; essay focused

Think About Editing – possibly for 273

Focus On Grammar 4 – this is not a grammar class

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