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"The world is richer than it is possible to express in any single language"  ~ Ilya Prigogine

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Veronica Acevedo Avila

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Textual Analysis, Annotation, Collegiate Vocabulary, university preparatory reading
Post-Secondary Reading Credential, English Composition Humanities Division,SF State Counseling Psychology, MA, Santa Clara Univeristy Pychology, BA, University of California at Santa Cruz
I have been teaching in the community college system for over twenty years. My original field of study was psychology and I worked as a Counselor for a decade at De Anza College prior to teaching Reading (textual analysis). I began teaching textual analysis about 4 years ago and found that my psychology background was hugely instrumental in teaching Reading.

I think analyzing a text well is grounded in the ability to know oneself, hence the advantage I have with the expertise in counseling psychology. My classes tend to focus on current topics of social justice as well as popular cultural influences. My classes also perpetuate the philosophy that the student is as involved and instrumental in teaching as is the teacher.
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
35321 READ-211.-22 Developmental Reading
01909 READ-211.-FY1 Developmental Reading
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
01855 READ-211.-28 Developmental Reading
43199 READ-211.-L1D Developmental Reading

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