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  • COUN 200
      Introduction to College 

  • CLP 75
      College Majors
        & Career Options

  • HUMA 10
      Human Sexuality

  • HUMA 20
      Life Skills for Higher Education

  • • COUN 80Y
    Special Topics (Foster Youth) 

Counseling: Randy L. Claros, M.A.

COUN 200: Introduction to College (Lecture/Laboratory)

  • 1/2 Unit
  • Course Notes (For Summer Session ONLY):
    Class only meets for one week - see schedule below
    In order to pass this course, you MUST ATTEND ALL CLASS MEETINGS!
Winter 2015:
      Call #              Schedule ID                               Time/Days                              Location       
33157 COUN 200.42L

Meets ONLY on

March 6-7, 2015


Friday: 12:30pm-5:20pm

Saturday: 8:30am-3:50pm


Shortcuts:   Preparing for COUN 200 | Course Syllabus/Assignments & Lecture Notes

Preparing for COUN 200: Introduction to College

Welcome to De Anza College! Please read this webpage in its entirety as this will prepare you for our upcoming COUN 200 class.  Plan on arriving early to find parking and locating the classroom.
Map of De Anza College Campus 

YOU MUST ATTEND EACH DAY IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT AND PASS THE COURSE! If you are unable to attend every class, I would strongly recommend adding a different COUN 200 course that would best accommodate your schedule. 

If you have not already taken your MATH and ENGLISH (or ESL) placement test, you will need to prior to coming to class.  Placement results (for English) may take up to 3 weeks so plan accordingly. Please check out the assessment website for testing appointments.  I would strongly advise you to view the Sample Questions 1 | Sample Questions 2 | Sample Questions 3. and study before taking the placement tests as we have strict retesting policies. High school courses, unless you received AP (Advanced Placement) credit, cannot be used for English & Math placement. Other placement tests for Science majors (Biology, Chemistry, BioChem, etc), Pre-Med, Nursing, Kinesiology (Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine), and Engineering majors will be discussed further during the COUN 200 class.  Sample questions for Calculus | Refresher/Crash Course on Math & Science

AP SCORES & Other College Transcripts (if this applies to you):
Please bring your official college transcripts sealed in an envelope to the first day of the class. Any open transcripts is considered unofficial and cannot be turned in. I will sign off on your transcripts and send off to evaluations to include on your college transcripts. Questions regarding the equivalency will be done on the third day of class. High school transcripts can be turned in as well to clear the foreign language requirement for the University of California (UC) campuses. 

Any other questions regarding college, classes to take, transfer, degrees, majors, careers,   etc. will be answered in the actual class. Please do not attempt to ask these questions until the week of your scheduled COUN 200 course.                                                                       

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Course Syllabus/Assignments and Lecture Notes


   Class Topic/Lesson Plan 

Class Assignment    

Print Out Assessment Results

Campus Scavenger Hunt



Class Assignment

Go on and print out one-two majors and schools you plan on transferring to



Class Assignment

Complete General Education Questions for Associates Degree, CSU GE, and IGETC 



Class Assignment

Complete Review Questions | Complete Educational Plan on DegreeWorks


  • Educational Planning (DegreeWorks)

Email: Randy Claros
Phone: 408.864.5400 
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Services (SCS) Building
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