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Dr.Juanita Cordero - CD10 G

Guidelines for Observers

Guidelines requested by the teachers in the De Anza Childcare Center

1. Be nonobtrusive. Please find a spot that doesn't infringe on the children's space.

2. If you are with a small group or another person, do not observe together. Separate and space yourself.

3. Do not talk to other visitors during the observations

4. You may respond to children, but please do not initiate conversations with them.

5. If a child seems upset that you are near, remove yourself from the area. If the child asks you to leave, respond by acknowledging, "This is your space. I will leave."

6. Please do not interfere with the teaching/ learning process during the observation. Questions are welcome but not during class time. If you have questions, you can leave a note in the teacher's mailbox.

7. Walk around the periphery of the year or classrooms rather than through them.

8. Please do not hover over children. Sit, squat or bend down at the knees so you are at the children's level.

9. Taking photographs is not permitted. In special cases, permission for photographs may be given by the Child Development Center Director.

Below is the breakdown of the ages we serve in each classroom.
Room 13 18 months T/TH Room 14 2 years M/W/F
Room 16 2 to 3 years
Room 18 18 months Mon-Fri Room 26 2.5 to 3.5 years
Room 27 3 to 4 years (open 8:30 to 12:30 only)
Room 31 4 to 4 years
Room 35 3 to 5 years
Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your visit

Contactemail Email: corderojuanita@fhda.edu
Phone: 408.864.8894
Office: CD2.c21 2nd Bldg

Hours: Tues./Thurs

Other days by arrangement

Child Development & Education Department


Last Updated: 12/4/08