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"There is no such thing as luck. There is only adequate or inadequate preparation to cope with a statistical universe." — Robert A. Heinlein

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Nick DeMello

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Organic Synthesis & Quantum Chemistry
B.S. UC Berkeley; Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh; Post-Doc UCLA

Prof. Nick DeMello was a founding member of UCLA's Center for Digital Innovation that combined Hollywood production professionals, silicon valley software developers and university level educators to provide some of the countries first distance learning and educational multimedia products. Flagship projects included work for the University of California, McGraw-Hill, the ministry of education of Malaysia, Sony Corporation and Hitachi Ltd — including the development of CyberChem, McGraw-Hills best selling distance learning Chemistry product.

Nick worked for Design Science, the creators of MathType and the Equation Editor in Microsoft Word and every other modern word processor. He served as the editor-in-chief of MacTech Magazine, the journal of Macintosh Technology and Development, and independently developed multimedia content under contract for Apple Inc and others for half a decade.

EpoxidationHis Ph.D. work in synthetic organic and computational chemistry was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh with Prof. Dennis P. Curran — consistently one the most highly cited researchers each year since 2000 according to ISI and the winner of the American Chemical Society year 2000 award for creativity in chemistry. Nick's Ph.D. research involved the synthesis of a "programmable" chiral auxiliary and the development of algorithms and software for predicting the optimal stereo-selective conditions for a new class of free radical reactions. 

After receiving his Ph.D., Nick accepted a post-doctoral position at UCLA where he worked with Prof. Ken Houk on the exploration of organic mechanisms with molecular modeling and quantum chemistry techniques.  During that time Nick developed software that has been used in the production of cover art and other illustrations for Science Magazine, C&E News, Angewandte Chemie, Eyes on Chemistry, Genes & Development, the calendar of the American Chemical Society and other publications.

Nick received his B.S. in Chemistry at UC Berkeley while working at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories and the National Tritium Labeling Facility. Prior to graduation, Nick published his first papers on the development of unique isotopic labeling reagents that allowed radio tracers to be safely, precisely and efficiently incorporated into larger molecules. A graduate of Sequoia High School, Nick prepared for his university work by taking classes at Cañada College. Nick returned to Redwood City in 2007 and begun teaching chemistry to share his excitement about the science and art of chemistry with Silicon Valley's next generation of dreamers, square pegs, and innovators. The people he fully expects will change the world — again.
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