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Welcome to my DeAnza Homepage.  I am a  DeAnza Mathematics and Statistics Instructor since 1991.
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Real-World Relevant Applications Using Mathematics and Statistics
BS Applied Math UCLA; MS Applied Math (Operations Research/Statistics) University of Maryland, College Park Campus 1991
I did not plan on becoming a Math teacher nor enter a field that relies on Math, However in high school, an instructor named Jim Symons at Cupertino High School gave me a fresh new way of learning Math that helped me understand how Math can be applied.  After graduating from High School I attended UCLA.

At first I did not major in Mathematics.  I began as a Biology major, then switched to Chemical Engineering and then Economics. It was only at the end of my junior year at UCLA that I decided to switch to Applied Mathematics. At that point I realized that majoring in Applied Math with Statistics would open up different opportunities in many fields. That it did.

During graduate school and before entering the teaching profession my work led to publications ranging from Nuclear Defense Systems to Salinity Levels in the Cheaspeake Bay. I was fortunate to have a graduate adviser, Dr. Bruce Golden, who offered me a myriad of work that led to publications.  My favorite work was at NIH in Bethesda Maryland in the Genetics Lab headed by David Watson as part of the Genome Project.  My job was to create a neural network that could predict the tertiary structure of proteins. It was not till later in the PhD program that I began teaching Mathematics. 

I have been teaching for over 25 years. The greatest gift besides working along side determined students has been the gems of teaching bestowed upon me by various seasoned instructors. Most of these instructors have since retired and some have passed. Whenever a student has a an 'aw moment' and is happy with how much they have learned in one of my courses I reflect on those that help me get to this point (DeAnza instructors, Chris Avery, Chris Barker,Barbara Illowky, Ann Leskinen, Frank Soler and Jim Symons).

I continue to research new ways to teach Math and Statistics to reach more students and help build endurable understandings that can be applied to their real lives.  I hope someday that our educational system will offer more diverse ways of learning Math and Statistics so more students can understand it's vital role in life.
Winter 2017
CRN Course Title
01250 MATH-010.-08 Elementary Statistics and Probability
01251 MATH-010.-09 Elementary Statistics and Probability
31490 MATH-114.-06 College Math Preparation Level 3: Intermediate Algebra
Spring 2017
CRN Course Title
01212 MATH-010.-05 Elementary Statistics and Probability
01222 MATH-010.-08 Elementary Statistics and Probability
01262 MATH-114.-09 College Math Preparation Level 3: Intermediate Algebra

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