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Ronald Dunn holds a BA degree in Music from UC San Diego, and an MM in Ethnomusicology from Florida State University. His major instrument is the guitar. In the area of ethnomusicology, his interests include music of coastal and highland Peru, as well as southeast Asia. He performed on guitar, charango and siku for several years with Aconcagua, Florida State University's Andean ensemble. Dunn's Master's thesis focused on the music of the marimba in Tijuana, Mexico, where he conducted fieldwork, documenting and analyzing the interfaces of tourism, technology and tradition in the practice of this important art. Mr. Dunn is a contributing author in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, Vol. 2: Locations,  published by Continuum International Publishing.

Dunn joined the music department during the fall 2001 term as the department specialist in world music and guitar. He directs the guitar program and teaches Introduction to Music courses: Western Culture (Music 1A); World Music in America (Music 1C), Latin America and the Caribbean (Music 1E), and Beginning/Intermediate African and African-influenced Percussion (Music 58).

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

35791MUSI 1D63ZMusic Appreciation: Rock - From Roots to Rap
35793MUSI 10A1Music Fundamentals
33704MUSI 14A1Classical Guitar I
33705MUSI 14B1Classical Guitar II
35171MUSI 14C1Classical Guitar III
33709MUSI 16A1LBeginning Acoustic Guitar
35175MUSI 16A61Beginning Acoustic Guitar
33722MUSI 16B1LJazz, Blues and Popular Guitar
35176MUSI 16B61Jazz, Blues and Popular Guitar
35524MUSI 7768RSpecial Projects in Music

Fall 2018

24736MUSI 1D62ZMusic Appreciation: Rock - From Roots to Rap
22932MUSI 14A1Classical Guitar I
22935MUSI 14B1Classical Guitar II
24739MUSI 14C1Classical Guitar III
22942MUSI 16A1LBeginning Acoustic Guitar
23608MUSI 16B1LJazz, Blues and Popular Guitar
24536MUSI 7766RSpecial Projects in Music
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