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All assignments must be typed, and include your name and page numbers (if multiple pages). If the assignment consists of multiple pages or includes copies/attachments, all pages must be stapled together, or bound. ALL WORK SUBMITTED MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!

Assignment 1:

UPL Assignment: Research the answers to the following questions. You may attach any supporting documentation you believe is relevant. Include citation to all authority you reference or rely on for your answer.

1.         Does the state of California have a definition of the practice of law?

2.         If so, where is it located (statute, court rule, or case) and what does it state?

3.         What does the ABA Model Code state about the “practice of law”?

4.         Who has the power to discipline a California attorney? By what authority? 

5.         In California, what 8 things are paralegals specifically prohibited from doing?


 Assignment 2:

The Rainmaker: Watch the 1997 movie, The Rainmaker, starring Matt Damon and Danny DeVito. (It is widely available for rent, download, or purchase. Additionally, I have 6 copies of the DVD I can freely loan a student from a Thursday to a Tuesday class.

From the movie, please identify 5 (five) different instances where the characters in the movie violate the California Rules of Professional Conduct (current version), and if applicable, CA Business and Professions Code Sec. 6450, et seq. For each incident:

  1. Describe the behavior, action or failure to act you believe is a violation;
  2. Identify the rule from the California Rules of Professional Conduct that should be applied (and copy and paste the section that is applicable);
  3. Identify the individuals who violated the rules, along with their title, if any; and
  4. Define how/why they are liable/guilty of the violation.


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