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Prof. Christopher Kwak

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Accounting, the language of business;
path to financial literacy; financial intelligence, integrity, and independence
- Christopher Kwak


Prof. Christopher Kwak

By appointment.



Accounting, Auditing, Forensic Accounting, Managerial and Financial Accounting
Licensed CPA in State of California and M.B.A.,Bachelors, California State University, and B.A., Korea University
Professor Kwak is a licensed CPA in the state of California with over 20 years of industry experience in major firms such as Hewlett Packard (HP), PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Chevron USA, specializing in cost management, financial reporting, mergers & acquisitions, and forensic accounting.
Professor Kwak has held many positions at HP including senior corporate Internal Auditor, senior financial analyst, business control manager, and division Controller. He also worked as a senior associate and an audit manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big Four international accounting/consulting firms, specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Reporting, Business Litigation and Investigation services, and Start-up and Emerging business advisory services.
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
33635 ACCT-001A-06 Financial Accounting I
33634 ACCT-001A-09 Financial Accounting I
34610 ACCT-001A-65Z Financial Accounting I
33035 ACCT-058.-63Z Auditing
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
45849 ACCT-001A-66Z Financial Accounting I
42813 ACCT-001B-08 Financial Accounting II
44472 ACCT-001B-65Z Financial Accounting II
44473 ACCT-058.-64Z Auditing

Welcome Everyone to Accounting

San Francisco Muir Woods

In a Financial Accounting course, we study economic effects (impacts) of business events on financial statements. Accounting is a beaming light to business, shedding lights on to business transactions in order to reveal the true economic substance and implication (whistle-blower accounting, "Think Like an Accountant").

Financial Freedom

Accounting is known as the language of business, which means it is an essential communication tool to be able to 'play' in business world (financial literacy). As your instructor, I would like to help and support your on-going efforts to improve your own financial intelligence (critical-thinking & objective accounting), financial integrity (accountability-responsibility accounting), and financial independence (set you free from shackles in life)

Addition By Subtraction

Briefly, if I may share one of life secrets that I have experienced throughout my life, that is, I have to let go, lightening up, and opening up 'space' in order for something truly invaluable (both financial and non-financial) to be able to come into the 'space' I have cleared up (emptied) for.  In short, I have now named this truth as 'addition by subtraction accounting principle'.

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