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  • M-TH 11:30-12:20
  • 4 Units
  • Honors Cohort Offered
About this Course:

This class will provide you with an examination of the major developments in American fiction during the twentieth century and twenty-first century, including modernism and postmodernism, culture, race and identity, and the politics of history and memory. The course will be set up as a tasting menu of American literature from 1914-the present so that you get a quick taste of each author’s style and place in the American literary cannon. Some of the authors we will be sampling include but are not limited to Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Eliot, Ellison,  Miller, Rich, Vonnegut, Plath, Ginsberg, Tan, Cisneros, Williams, Mamet, and Morrison. Suggested Prerequisite: Eligibility is recommended through successful completion of EWRT 1A.

Required Texts:

Baym, et al., The Norton Anthology of American Literature  (7th ed., Vol.   D—"Between the Wars 1914-1945")

Baym, et al., The Norton Anthology of American Literature (7th ed., Vol. E—"Literature since 1945") 

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