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Barbara Liechty received her MPH in Community Health Education from San Jose State University and BS in Public and Community Health Education from Arizona State University. Barbara is particularly interested in personal health and fitness, behavior change, community organizing, and political action. She has been an instructor at De Anza College for over twenty years.
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
01005 HLTH-021.-63Z Contemporary Health Concerns
35479 HLTH-021.-66Z Contemporary Health Concerns
35582 HLTH-021.-67Z Contemporary Health Concerns
01508 NUTR-010.-66Z Contemporary Nutrition
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
00985 HLTH-021.-64Z Contemporary Health Concerns
45357 HLTH-021.-65Z Contemporary Health Concerns
45358 HLTH-021.-66Z Contemporary Health Concerns
45663 HLTH-021.-67Z Contemporary Health Concerns
45664 HLTH-021.-68Z Contemporary Health Concerns
01439 NUTR-010.-66Z Contemporary Nutrition

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 Thank you. I'm looking forward to the quarter!


Nutrition 10:
An introductory course on human nutrition designed for students wanting practical information. Physiological, psychological and economic aspects of obtaining an adequate diet through the life cycle are covered as well as the relationship of nutrients to health and physical fitness. Current nutritional issues and controversies will be evaluated. (This class does not satisfy the nutrition requirement for the De Anza College RN Nursing Program.)

Health 21:
This class focuses on personal, family and community health and the relationship between lifestyle and health. Several of the topics included are stress, hypertension, wellness, nutrition, depression, and sexually transmitted diseases. The study of common lifesytle behviors will emphasize self-help and the preventalbe aspects of lifestyle choices.


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