Community Service Learning Reflection

International Womyn's Day

Due via e-mail before Monday, March 15

Two to three pages, 80 points

This writing assignment consists of three parts.

Part I: Answer the journal questions that Noemi Teppang and Vivian Bejarin presented to you when they visited the class. Here are the questions:

IWD - Journal questions

  • Define this event in your own words. How does this event’s message impact our South Bay community, the United States, and your extended family?
  • In your own opinion, why is this event important and celebrated every year? 
  • How do you think relations among men and women should be or look like in society? 
  • Define what it means to be a person who makes a difference. Provide examples from your experiences at this event.
  • In what ways does this event overall impact or shape your identity? What can you do from now on?

Part II: Write a short narrative of what you did before and during the celebration. How did you help with the preparations? What did you do during the celebration? Did you do additional outreach? Was there anything that was particularly memorable?

Part III: Give overall feedback. Noemi, Vivian and the other organizers would like to know what you thought of the event, what you liked, and how the IWD celebration can be better in the future. Please feel free to give constructive criticism so that future IWD celebrations can be better.

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