Short Paper 1, CSL

Due via e-mail before Monday, January 18

One to two pages, 40 points

The point of this assignment is to develop a community resource that we can use to understand the education system and the challenges we are facing as students, families, communities and educators. You should e-mail this assignment to me before Monday, and before class on Wednesday I will put all of the links you have collected into a web page that we can all access. The assignment has three parts:

Part I: Two URLs (Web Addresses)

You and everyone else in the class should each pick two web pages that will be resources for helping us to understand the scope and effects of the budget cuts to education. One page should be about community colleges, but the other page should be about one of the other three segments of public education: K-12, the CSU system, and the UC system. To find web pages you should do google searches with search terms such as "budget cuts," "education," "community colleges," etc.

Part II: Two one-sentence descriptions

You should provide a one-sentence description about why each of the resources would be helpful to someone who is trying to learn about the education budget. The URLs and the one-sentence descriptions will appear on the class web page.

Part III: A few paragraphs about each of the resources you have selected.

In these paragraphs you should go into more depth about the resources and why they would be helpful to us and our communities. Also give your evaluation/review of each of the web sites: What do they do well? How could they be improved? Finally, you should ask a question about the relevant sector of education that the web site does not answer but that might lead to further research.

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