Extra Credit Assignment #3

Due via e-mail before Monday, October 25

One to two pages, up to 20 points

This assignment has two parts.

Part 1: Attend the book launching of Ating Kalagayan by Professor Peter Chua of San Jose State University:

Thursday, October 21, 2010
California History Center

In celebration of Filipino American History Month, APAX (Asian Pacific American Expressions) invites the campus community and social justice advocates for Dr. Peter Chua's Ating Kalagayan - The Social and Economic Profile of U.S. Filipinos. Ating Kalagayan presents the often invisible social conditions of Filipinos in the U.S. and their need to build an equitable future in a multiracial country and rapidly changing world. It brings together the most comprehensive demographic data available on U.S. Filipinos, unique tabulated information on economic classes and social groups of U.S. Filipinos, and knowledge and analysis from ordinary people, academic researchers, and members of grassroots organizations.  Dr. Chua will focus his discussion on the particular conditions and issues of Filipinos in Santa Clara County.

Part 2: Describe your experience and e-mail a written response to me.

Maybe tell a story, or dwell on a particularly memorable image or other part of your experience. Before the book launching you should reflect on your experience either as a Filipino or as a non-Filipino living among Filipinos. Dr. Chua is a professor at San Jose State University, so you might ask him about issues pertaining to students here in Santa Clara County. There will be a time during the book launching for you to ask questions, so try to bring a question for Dr. Chua. If you participate in the discussion you can write about your participation in your response.

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