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Review Sheet for Exam 1

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Asian American Literature Fall 2010 Class Schedule
WeekDateThis Week's Topics
Assignments Due
1 9/20/10


Who are we? Survey, Census

  • Kelly Tsai, "Making Guacamole"

 Blog - Intro

 Blog on "Making Guacamole"

2 9/27/10 Historical Overview
  • The Latehomecomer Prologue, Part I (pp. 1-52)
 Blog on The Latehomecomer
3 10/4/10

Immigrant Struggles and Contributions

  • The Latehomecomer Parts II-IV, Epilogue (pp. 53-274)
  • Quiz on Monday, 10/4/10
  • Statewide Day of Action to defend public education, Thursday 10/7/10

 Blogs on The Latehomecomer

Extra Credit 1

4 10/11/10

You, Your Family and Historical Events

  • Lynda Barry, "Hate" and "Lost and Found" 
  • Li-Young Lee, "The Gift"
  • Quiz on Monday, 10/11/10
  • Telling Your Story presentations, 10/13/10

 Formal Essay on The Latehomecomer

Blog on "Hate," "Lost and Found," and "The Gift"

Extra Credit 2

Extra Credit 3


5 10/18/10  Discrimination, Prison, ICE
  • Angel Island Poems
  • Okubo, Inada, Mirikitani
  • Quiz on Wednesday, 10/20/10

 Telling Your Story Part I

Blog on Angel Island Poems, Okubo, Inada and Mirikitani

6 10/25/10

 Migrant Labor and the Asian American Movement

  • Bulosan, Vera Cruz, Tagami, Mabalon
  • Yamashita, Tsang
  • Quiz on Wednesday, 10/27/10


Extra Credit 4

7 11/1/10


  • Catch-up, Review, 11/1/10
  • Mid-term Exam, 11/3/10
YouTube Presentation
8 11/8/10  New Media and Self-Expression
  • Mabalon, Mirikitani, Wong, select YouTube channel and video, 11/8/10
  • Room Change: On Wednesday, 11/10/10 we meet in Hinson Campus Center Conference Room B


Extra Credit 5

9 11/15/10
 Memoir and Oral History
  • YouTube Presentations
  • Plan for analytical essay
  • Select readings
  • Quiz on Monday, 11/15/10


Plan for analytical essay

10 11/22/10  Hawai'i, Colonization and Decolonization
  • Linmark, Trask and Trask
  • YouTube Presentations
  • No class on Wednesday, 11/24/10



Plan for analytical essay

11 11/29/10  Telling Your Story Part II
  • Telling Your Story Presentations
  • Exam Review
  • Quiz on Monday, 11/29/10

 Telling Your Story Part II


Analytical essay

Write-ups for YouTube presentations

12 12/6/10

 Course Wrap Up

  • Course Wrap Up
  • Final Exam Thursday12/9/10, 1:45-3:45


Write-ups for Telling Your Story Part II

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