You Tube Assignment

Presentations beginning November 15 (50 points)

Reflection due November 29 (50 points)

Part I: Select a channel and e-mail your selection to me before class on Monday, November 8.

Here are some of the most-viewed channels by Asians and Asian Americans on YouTube:





pyrobooby (Peter Chao)

communitychannel (Australian, but popular in the US)



dpdctv (Ktown Cowboys)


bubzbeauty (I'm not sure whether Bubz is based in the US)

bubbiosity (Bubz doing skits)

Select one channel and one video from that channel to focus on.

Part II: Group Preparation

On Monday, November 8, you will join a group to present with. As much as possible the groups should be based on interest in a single channel. You will have time during class to discuss your initial thoughts on the channel and video you chose. To start your discussion, go around and describe why that channel and that video in particular interests you. Then plan your group's 10-minute presentation. You might have to contact your group members outside of class to coordinate your presentation.

Part III: Presentation

Be prepared to present on Monday, November 15. Try to plan your presentation so that everyone will have a speaking part.

Part IV: Reflection

A one- to two-page reflection (printed out and stapled) will be due on Monday, November 22. You should explain why the channel and the video interest you, provide some thoughts on the video, and reflect on what you learned from working with your group.

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