Poetry Assignment 2

Due Monday, November 4

For this assignment write a poem of between 100 and 150 words. Remember that the poem might be included in a video that is 3-4 minutes long. Within your poetry group you will select one poem for your video.
The most important thing about your poem is that it should be meaningful. The poem should have depth and complexity. You should try to document some aspect of your experience. Many people will probably be able to relate to your experience, but you should make sure that your description of your experience is unique. The best way to make your description unique is to use details about a singular experience that you have had or a singular event that you were a part of.
Your poem should also involve some kind of conflict. If your poem does not involve conflict then it will be bland, but even worse it will be false. If you are truthful about your experience then you will recognize the conflicts within it. You should aim for conflicts that are meaningful for others who are taking Asian American Literature.
The poem does not necessarily have to be about Asian Americans as a group, and in fact it could be bad for your poem if you try to make broad generalizations about Asian Americans.

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